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Tea Party Entertainment
By Lady Jannine
Explore the Magic of Tea with Lady Jannine
Tea's Secret Revelation.
Enjoy the fun and excitement of the ancient art of swirling your cup and allowing the mysterious properties of Tea to create a unique picture of your future. Tea drinking is a sensory delight, and also a visual wonder when Lady Jannine reads your tea leaves. Your guests will be enchanted to peer into their future, via their teacup!
Customize your event by selecting from these Afternoon Tea Reading Parties.
All feature the special fun of a Tea Reading for your guests, each with a time length customizable for your event. Lady Jannine entertains with stories of love and romance, intrigue and mystery - all inspired by a Tea Leaf. Explore the mystical and mysterious properties of Tea Revelations while you enjoy an Afternoon Tea Party. With Jannine's unique Tea Wish souvenir, your guests will keep the beautiful memory of your Tea Reading Party.

The Grand Tea-Tall Tales, Tea Wish Souvenir, Tea Basics, and Tea Reading.
Discover the Journey of Tea - Pirates, Tall Ships, and Forbidden Tea Sipping. Originating in China, tea traveled to Japanese Buddhist monasteries, caravanned along the Silk Road, rolled through Europe in Gypsy wagons, and voyaged across the waters to the British Isles, where it was sipped secretly by the Duchess of Bedford in her boudoir.
Victorian Tea-Refined and Elegant Tea Tale, Tea Wish Souvenir, Tea Reading.
Discover the secret life of a Victorian Lady-Mysteries of the fan and must know Victorian Tea Etiquette. The Lady of the house knew how to tell her suitors with just a tilt of her fan whether he shoulde hither and join her for tea.
Bridal Tea-Tale of Love, Romance and Marriage with a Cup of Tea, Tea Wish Souvenir, Tea Reading.
Discover how the ever-green Tea Tree became the Tree of Love. In China, tea leaves, tea drinking, and tea dancing were an integral part of the engagement and wedding ceremony.
Zen Serenity Tea-Tale of Monks and Meditation, Tea Wish Souvenir, Tea Reading.
Discover why tea was called the golden elixir by Lao-Tzu. Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life - Thich Nhat Hahn
Mystical Tea-Lady Jannine provides Tea Reading for your Tea Party event.
Discover the mysterious messages held in your Tea Cup!

Stellar Entertainment by Jannine Oberg
Jannine StellarEntertainer

Photo by Amalya Goddess-Studio
Note: If you have additional guests, please inquire for additional fee and time needed for readings.

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