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Highlight your upcoming event with mesmerizing fireworks and other exciting fire effects, electrical endeavors, and mechanical moments.


Kick things off with the excitement of fireworks for a birthday bash, wedding spectacle, New Years Eve parties, Fourth of July, grand openings and other unique affairs. Let fire and flame effects ignite excitement within you and your guests. We're here to answer your questions, around the clock 24/7. Our electrical engineering and mechanical experts are her to acknowledge your inquiries.
With over 30 years in the special effects field, experience with smoke, fireworks, confetti, lighting, lasers, and other effects, Texas Lite and Pyro also offers an ILDA professional show laser and wireless firing system that will leave audiences speechless. Our special effects are what keep our customersing back to enhance their gatherings. We're a federally licensedpany that can't wait to get creative for your festivities.

Among other cities, Texas Lite and Pyro may serve the following areas: Houston, Beaumont, Spring, Conroe, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Bryan, Humble, Katy, Park Row, Nacogdoches, Jersey Village, Shenandoah, Sugar Land, Baytown, Kingwood, Galveston, Magnolia, Cove, Lakeview, West Texas City, Jamaica Beach, Jones Creek, Huntsville, Midway, Missouri City, Texas City, Lufkin, Cleveland, Port Arthur




 3 Reviews
  Did Not Provide Services and Refusing Refund
I booked Mike Walling in April 2019 for my upcoming wedding on February 14th. Our initial phone conversation was pleasant and Mike came off as a friendly guy. However, I should've realized that he was not on the up and up when he asked to meet me at a local coffee shop to conduct business after speaking on the phone. His appearance was questionable but I overlooked it. I asked Mike about his former complaint/poor review and BBB complaint from 2016. He provided a what seemed to be plausible explanation. He made it seem as if it was just that one client specifically that had an issue. Well I went ahead and booked with this company against my better judgement. I thought I'd done enough due diligence and asked the right questions. Mike became unresponsive closer to my wedding date. He ignored all points of contact from me as his client as well as from my wedding venue (phone calls, texts and emails). He even missed a site review appointment that he'd scheduled with my venue. They waited hours and when they called him repeatedly he didn't answer. He offered excuse after excuse. However, I had a friend contact him pretending to be a new client and he answered right away. My fiance called him and he answered right away as well because he didn't recognize the phone number. After accepting that initial call he began ignoring his calls as well. Mike was extremely hard to work with and overall he did not provide the services he was paid for and is now refusing to refund me the $2,000 that he was paid. He showed up to my wedding venue on Friday 2/14 and didn't provide the permit that was needed to provide the services that he was paid for. My wedding venue had spoken with him the day before and reconfirmed what was needed from him to complete his services; yet, he showed up empty handed. He had more excuses about how the hard copy was mailed to him but he didn't receive it. My venue coordinator even offered to have him email it and she'd print it but he didn't oblige. I am now pursuing legal action against this company. I texted Mike to inquire how my attorney can contact his lawyers and he ignored my text. He offered to provide fireworks for my 1 year anniversary as if that would account for his error. He couldn't provide the services he was paid for so why would I trust him to provide "make-up" services a year from now. I have texts messages and emails to substantiate all that my review reflects. Please do yourself a favor and not book with this company. This has been nothing but heartache, disappointment and strife during what should be one of the happiest moments of my life. I also reported him to the BBB Houston and he didn't respond to that complaint either. I've spoken to other sources (a former venue that used to use his services and no longer does which is Chateau Cocomar due to Mike being unresponsive and missing permit deadlines) so trust me it's not just me and the one other complainant that's had issues with this company. This company has a reputation of this behavior. I just wish I would've known prior to doing business with them. Another red flag was when I paid Mike Walling with my $2,000 check. I received a call from Bank of America's fraud department asking if I authorized the check to him because he was opening an account with it. Wouldn't an established company already have an account opened? I still have the voicemail as proof. I am not on a "smear" campaign. I am simply sharing my experience and it's substantiated with facts/proof.
SCAMMERS AND THIEVES- As a company that provide fireworks and has been operating over a year should know it at a permit it needed to do fireworks. They failed to obtain the needed permit for the fireworks from the fire marshall for a wedding. This is not just any event, it is a wedding and the permit is part of the service and the full service was not provided this company is refusing to refund the wedding couple money. The service provider needed to obtain a permit which is part of the services and should be held accountable! Shameful on the poorly run company to take advantage of a bride and groom on the most special day of their lives! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. So disappointing!
SCAM ALERT!! Small claims court should be the disclaimer for this poorly operated business. This company failed to acquire the necessary permit/ and or documentation required from the local Fire Marshall to provide services (fireworks) for a wedding as promised. This business received their payment in full and is now refusing to issue a refund due to their failure in providing the services. Owner is very nasty and rude; definitely not a business you would want to trust to make your event special. Reviews for this business is spotty and collectively unfavorable, BEWARE!! They’ve just earned a nice and cozy spot on the Better Business Bureau for scamming, and should expect more reviews to come. THE KNOT needs to also remove this business from their list of vendors. Texas Lite and Pyro Mike Walling

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