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The Destination applies the power of their unbeatable horn and rhythm sections to a good portion of Latin and swing.


The Destination

The Destination is a 10-pc. R&B band. Three of the best female vocalists you will ever hear and a 4-pc. brass section set them apart from every other band in Central New York. To further distance themselves from the pack they have applied the power of their unbeatable horn and rhythm sections to a good portion of Latin and swing. And as if that weren’t enough, a few disco-era crowd pleasers are being added, sticking mainly to songs that show off the unbelievable female vocalists (Rainin’ Men, This Will Be An Everlasting Love, etc). This band is one-of-a-kind; your event will be unforgettable.

The group fits in best with crowds who want something a bit different yet familiar and danceable; people who get out more than twice a year. Most of their songs are well known and are performed just as the original; the power of their horns and vocals giving real validity to these covers. Unlike most bands, however, The Destination also enjoys challenging their crowd with an occasional obscure or original composition. In addition, the group has an ever expanding list of original arrangements to keep their repertoire sounding fresh. From their Mack the Knife and Fly Me to the Moon horn charts, to the piano driven La Bamba, to their funkified version of Grapevine, the fresh arrangements give the group that 5th Avenue polish.

Lead Man Joey J makes a point of not selling his crowd short. So many bands, as the night goes on, find a groove that keeps the floor reasonably full and run with that; a lot of times it’s non-stop disco. What they forget is that there are a lot of people sitting and conversing, waiting for one of their favorites to come up. The Destination is able to turn the dance floor over 3 or 4 times a set, giving everyone an opportunity to dance and, let’s face it, a bit of a break.

You might hear Brick House followed by Beyond the Sea; or Latin-flavored Funky Nassau might precede Let’s Stay Together. How the songs are combined and presented are as important as the songs a band plays and no one can craft a classy evening of dancing like Joey J.

So that’s a brief rundown of the band’s music. The most important thing about a live band cannot, however, be gotten across to you via this site, a CD, or even a video. That thing is the spark, the emotion, the connection with the crowd. Many bands forget that their job is to do more than make music; their job is to make it happen. Check the references and ask around. Chances are if someone has heard them, The Destination would be their first choice for a lasting memory.

The Destination is:

  • Sky (Karen Lonsky) Lead Vocals, Bari Sax, Bongos from Genoa
  • "Sweet" (Pete Forlano) Alto and Tenor Sax from Ithaca
  • Andy "delivery Man" Van Nostrand - Trumpet from Poplar Ridge
  • "Dr. Mabel (Welch) Backup & Lead vocals, percuassion from Ithaca
  • Helen Jordon CNY's Queen of soul - Backup & Lead vocals, percussion from Ithaca
  • Dave “Funk Junkie” Chitambar - Drums from Scipio
  • “Mr. Clean” (Mike Burns) Bass from Auburn
  • Clint Swank "8th Wonder of the World" - Guitar from Trumansburg
  • Joey J (Joseph Jacob Lonsky) Leader, Vocals, Keys, Harmonica from Genoa
  • Chuck “Golden Ear” Randall - Sound man from Auburn
  • Scott Gilbertson - Lighting technician from Moravia

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  • Among other cities, The Destination may serve the following areas: Washington, Houston, New York, Dallas, Springfield, Sacramento, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, Charlotte, Portland, San Diego, Denver, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Birmingham, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Memphis, Saint Louis, Albany, Cincinnati