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Having provided first-class executive protection and security services for over 30 years, we customize our security services for a broad clientele. Because we know emergencies can happen unexpectedly, we are available at any time of your convenience.


With over 30 years of professional service, we will customize our security services to fit the specific needs of your particular event. We offer our services to various places, including residential areas, corporate buildings, private parties, VIP protection, and open houses. 
Our services include executive and corporate security, event security, secure jewelry escorts, workplace violence security, estate security, open houses, and security surveys.
VIP personnel need protection, and we offer personal bodyguards to meet the needs of various easily-targeted personnel. Our personal bodyguards work with a trained eye, professional experience, the ability to respond quickly to hidden dangers, and keen judgment to assess threats and employ countermeasures. As your safety is our priority, we offer full protection detail, travel support, and security escorts. 
Each of our event security staff, no matter how small or large the occasion, will tailor their services to meet your specific needs. We make sure the security company is licensed to do business during your event, that the company has proper liability insurance to protect you in case of any incident, that the company has worker's compensation to cover its employees, and that the guards have proper permits from the state. They, as well, can request to be named as an additional insured on their policy.
Understanding that people traveling with jewelry and valuables can be an easy target for criminals, we keep our service range broad, including threat assessments, risk mitigation strategies, escorts, robbery-suppressing teams, and drivers. We ensure that every area susceptible to risk is addressed.
Because workplace violence has become an epidemic, we make sure each employee and employer develops practical skills to reduce the risks of violence through building a strong reputation with our company, identifying warning indicators of potential violence, and developing strategies on how to prevent workplace violence.
As we know that the home can be a target for potential burglary, we offer steps to secure your home and evaluate security measures, including possessing a properly installed alarm system, displaying the alarm company law sign, installing heavy-duty locks and window security devices, paying attention to garage and back doors, placing dog warning signs on your property, placing outdoor lights on a timer, locking every door, garage, and window at all times, and looking out for people and vehicles. 
Open house events can leave your personal domicile vulnerable to criminals. With the presence of an experienced officer, we will give you a peace of mind.
With an understanding that each client has different requirements, we offer security surveys that will help identify the risks present at the location of interest. Since preparation is the key to success, a security survey gives you access to receiving security designed to address your specific protection needs. 
Because we stand for absolute professionalism, each of our officers is thoroughly experienced, trained, licensed, and wear proper uniform at all times.
We will work with you to stay within your budget without compromising our objective. 

Among other cities, The Officers Group - Armed Security may serve the following areas: Washington, Houston, New York, Dallas, Springfield, Sacramento, Miami, Atlanta, Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, Charlotte, Portland, San Diego, Denver, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Birmingham, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Memphis, Saint Louis, Albany, Cincinnati



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