Tikiz Shaved Ice of Ventura County

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Serving Ventura County and surroundings

With a variety of ice cream selections to choose from, our ice cream trucks deliver custom ice cream novelties to satisfy your hunger during your special occasion. Knowing that each person has a different interest, we provide a variety of flavors to accompany such preferences.


Specializing in shaved ice and ice cream, we customize our ice cream truck novelties to satisfy your appetite during your event. We reach out to various events, ranging from small family gatherings to large corporate functions.Because we take our professionalism seriously, we make sure that our ice cream truck is fully loaded with the novelties that you specifically request for your party. We make sure that are novelties are fresh and ready to serve at all times, and we are exceptionally fast and efficient.We provide options for both shaved ice and ice cream. Prices can range from as low as $3 up to $5.We are 100% self-contained without the dependence of an electric cord or water.  If you have dietary concerns, don't worry. We offer sugar-free flavors, as well.We are fully licensed and insured.




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