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  • The John Branzer Big Band is providing a greater variety of music than the Bands of yesterday ever did.
  • They are also tackling, Pop, Rock, Show, Wedding, Marches, Swing, Jazz, Blues, and Classical music


World Class Orchestra + 5 Star Talent

John Branzer is, first and foremost, an entertainer with degrees in life experience friendships in the music business, band wisdom, surviving the music business on the road and presents to his audience a long track record of performing,posing and conducting. John, as he lectures also teaches with his trademark Trumpet about how he has performed with his friends and discusses the legends in the music business, in both the classical and modern music world, offering something for everyone. He is clever, witty and can read a crowd, giving them an extensive, very humorous, and candid account of his trials and tribulations of bing a STAR in his own right. John is a virtuoso and a child prodigy, and one thing he knows, is the money his parents spent on music lessons was a very good thing.
John Branzer was friends with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jack Benny, Lucy, Harry James, Art Mooney, Henry Mancini, Arthur Fiedler, Leroy Anderson, Howard Barlow, plus many more, due to his many years of performing with these people and tells about those friendships with his first hand accounts in a continuity that has the audience in a state of fascination that also links them to the fabulous world of music, after all, these are the world renowned musicians that we grew up with and still listen to. Audiences immediately respond to Maestro Branzer through his charisma and charm and his Trumpet playing immediately gets their undivided attention as he blazes through some of the most notable tunes ever recorded with his astonishing skills. International and USA National Conductor John Branzer.
The John Branzer Lecture Series is a first person narrative of the life and times of Maestro Branzer and covers many aspects from his own perspective ofposing and performing with the most celebrated artists of which we are all familiar, this is Lecture 1, STRIKE UP THE BAND. Lecture 2 features John and three of his fellow musicians and is called FOUR PLAY, and they will perform the most favorite music of all time charted for a four piece band. The Big Band Concert is Lecture 3 led by Maestro Branzer and also performing on Trumpet, you get the full Monte with John and his famous friends (17 piece Band) and up depending on your musical taste. In Lectures 2 and 3, the musical group will be performing the full arrangements of your favorite songs, tailored specifically for your event and John will be presenting the audience with his personal experiences including how he acquired a particular song the group is performing, history of the song, background information and secrets that have never been told.
John has a surprise for the audience that keeps people from leaving the venue at intermission and presents a special guest during the 10-15 minute break before he returns. After the Lecture/Concert John reserves 30 minutes to meet and greet, sign autographs and pose for photographs.
Some notable venues for John Branzer:

Aladdin Hotel
American Heritage Auditorium
Aragon Ball Room
Bath Club
Bayside Band Shell
Biltmore Hotel
Boca Raton Hotel & Country Club
Breaker's Hotel
Buffalo Civic Auditorium
Busch Gardens
Caesar's Palace
Carillon Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
Plantation, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Miami Beach, Florida
Miami, Florida
Coral Gables, Florida
Boca Raton. Florida
Palm Beach, Florida
Buffalo, New York
Tampa, Florida
Atlantic City, N. J.
Miami Beach, Florida
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist
Featured Artist & Conductor
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
Featured Artist & also Lead Trumpet
The music of the '40's is like theeback Kid, hanging around and waiting for a chance to perform. Dancing, due to the many television shows regarding the passion of dance, is definitely on the rise as a sport, art form and exercise routine and is pretty good for meeting someone new at a nightclub, Would you care to dance? One cannot imagine how many marriages were made based on that simple request.
Duke Ellington and Count Basie produced upbeat, sensational rhythms just meant for the dancing crowd, a swinging generation was mesmerized by the blazing horns and backbeat of the rhythm section, as new found romances blossomed on the dance floor. Recognizing the passion of the music loving and dancing public is a star in his own right, a star amongst the stars, Maestro John Branzer. John Branzer and the John Branzer Big Band are still performing those amazing songs from Henry Mancini, Harry James. Gene Krupa, Les Brown, Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington, Bunny Berigan, Ted Heath, Doc Severinsen, Si Zentner and the more modern stars including Frank Sinatra, Arturo Sandoval, Tito Puente, and also some of John's own original scores.
The popularity of the Big Band Music has Big Bands forming all over the USA, and people are really into the sound and scope of all that is happening from the individual musicians that collectively have gathered to join forces in making a scoree to life. We are also bringing the Big Band music into the lives of the very young, as well as those that have grown up with it, and it is very satisfying to see the enthusiasm of people of all ages enjoying our performances, according to Andrew Singer, videographer for the John Branzer Big Band.
The John Branzer Big Band is providing a greater variety of music than the Bands of yesterday ever did, as they are also tackling, Pop, Rock, Show, Wedding, Marches, Swing, Jazz, Blues, and Classical music. The John Branzer Big Band features the most prominent, professional musicians in South Florida, and John allows the musicians to improvise and solo, well beyond the limitations of the charts that he utilizes in preparing a Concert.
This is extremely exciting to the other musicians, who are also fusion jazz musicians, and we find that musicians on every level, all want to play in the Big Band: it seems to be the ultimate goal of all instrumental musicians.
In South Florida, Big Bands are few and far between, and qualified musicians, who seem toe from everywhere, arepeting for the limited number of seats of the few Big Bands performing in the Big Band is a coveted reward for years of practice, and the camaraderie amongst the group can only be likened to a family.
The World Class Orchestra is extremely proud to have USA National and International Conductor, John Branzer, as our Director. Maestro Branzer, in addition to his Big Band, also has 50 World Class Musicians in an Orchestra filled with great string soloists, who also know the importance of producing great ensemble work, and this amazing group is also available for Concerts in its entirety, or in smaller ensembles for any occasion and as soloists for the same.
In South Florida we are fortunate to have a thriving desire for music, dance and the arts, and under the guidance of Maestro and Trumpet Virtuoso, John Branzer, we have covered the most sophisticated of tastes in the realm of music, and we are at your service to perform on any level of musical need that you may have, well within the budget of your event, and we will far exceed your expectations.
The World Class Orchestra has set the bar high with its remarkable orchestral presence. It is a large ensemble and uses highly creativebinations of instruments to create an unforgettable tonality. Within the midst of its International array of musicians, are soloists, thatpare with the most recognized names in the world of Classical Music and over half of them are also teachers of music, and many are proficient on more than one instrument.
The John Branzer Big Band has assembled its star musicians to produce a band that pays homage to the greatest body of Big Band writers of music, with the highest level of energy and professionalism and spirit in which each song was written. The Band is thrilled when Dancers step up to the dance floor to enjoy the excitement of a song.
John Branzer's Big Band library is arranged here as dance sets. Obviously, this saves a lot of time on gigs, since John doesn't have to call out individual tunes to the band, as each players' folder has one of these lists. These sets consist of the most famous hits from the Big Band Era, and if a singing top 40 guitarist is added, we can cover everything, including Rock standards. FYI, John has a lot more material then the charts listed here. You may request something special that John may have not on this list, or we can perform something that you may have had especially arranged.
John and the Big Band are open to producing something new, as well as performing music that is not listed. The listed material in and of itself covers many hours of performance time and is carried with the John Branzer Big Band to every performance. The Big Band has produced many exciting events as you can see on the WCO site. You must take a look at the amazing career of USA National and International Conductor John Branzer on the World Class Orchestra website.
In addtion to the material listed at the end of this writing, John also carries a very large amount of material that is not listed here, and we are also very well represented with the best of the Latin music world with the best of such artists as Prez Prado, Xavier Cugat, Tito Puente, plus much more.

The smallest band that these charts will work well with, is the same size band as Benny Goodman's original band:
4 saxes
3 trumpets
1 trombone (Goodman actually had 2 trombones, but it works with one, although 2 is better)
John Branzer (Conductor and Soloist) Minimum total 13
We can add a singing Guitarist for Rock tunes.
We can add additional vocalists for Show/Pop tunes.
Extra players that should then be added are a female vocalist & then a male vocalist. John has a large amount of the original hit vocal charts for such vocalists as Helen Forrest (Benny Goodman & Harry James), Rosemary Clooney, and Doris Day, plus much more, and a ton of the original Sinatra vocal charts.
Almost all of the Big Bands in existence perform what are known in the music business, as stock arrangements, which means that they are published, and consequently all of them sound basically the same, since they are all playing duplicate material, the only difference being the playing level of the musicians.
Obviously, a group of high school students would not sound as well as a group of professional musicians playing the same stock arrangements, but there would definitely be a huge similarity in the performances.
Many of the stock arrangements are well written, and, of course, there is also a lot junk in that market. The main thing is that the material is easlily obtainable by everybody. Many of the stocks are modified versions of recorded material that pay tribute to Basie, Kenton & Miller etc., and every band in the world, from high school bands and up, utilize this music, since it can be easily purchased.
We also have those charts, but we prefer to use the material on our set list, because it is an exact duplicate of the original hit records of all of these famous bands, 99% of these charts have never been available to purchase, and the audiences react to this as soon as they hear the music, because it is exactly what they remember from their past.
Every other band in any area, no matter how strong or weak the players are, basically sound the same, because they are playing the same pool of material, therefore the John Branzer Band is unique in our presentation of music, specifically tailored for your venue, corporate party and every other possibility where music is desired.
The other bands you may be using for your events also are stuck with a much larger instrumentation, as that is what the musical charts call for, and this material starts to sound very poor, musically, if players are cut from the roster in order keep the costs down to meet a smaller budget.
When John wrote the charts on the attached list, he deliberately scored them in a manner that allows the material to be played with a smaller group of musicians in addition to the full instrumentation, whereas the other bands are pretty much locked into the larger groups, as the arrangements, musically, are very unsatisfactory when too many players are eliminated.
John is prepared with the musical solution before the problem can occur. John is the ultimate showman and recognized that to bepetitive, he had to be able to create situations, that allow every budget the possibility of having everything from a small group up to the Big Band, and even the World Class Orchestra of which John Branzer is the Conductor.
It is our goal to meet and beat every other musical group with better musicians, the best music and stay within the budget of the event.
5 Saxophones
4 Trumpets
3 Trombones (optional 4th)
Guitar (optional)
, the Big Band size gets even larger, but they are playable with the above instrumentaion:
6 Saxes
5 Trumpets
5 Ttrombones
If you are interested in having the John Branzer Big Band perform for your organization, you may call John Branzer directly at: and for further information regarding the John Branzer Big Band and the World Class Orchestra, please call Andrew Singer at:
THE JOHN BRANZER BIG BAND for your next event!
The attachment is a transcription of a famous trumpet solo, by the famous English band, Ted Heath, and features John Branzer as trumpet soloist backed up by his Big Band.
John Branzer Big Band Dance Sets
1. Michelle (H. James) 356
2. String of Pearls (Miller) 145
3. Moonlight Serenade (Miller) 314
4. In the Mood (Miller) 232
5. You Made Me Love You (H. James) 354A
6. Music Makers (H. James) 157
7. April In Paris (Basie) 129
8. Sleepy Lagoon (H. James) 354
9. Green Onions (H. Mancini) 513
10. Satin Doll (Ellington) 219
11. Traces (H. James) 325
12. Don't Be That Way (B. Goodman) 238
13. A Train (B. May) 237
14. Craziest Dream (H. James) 338
15. Sing, Sing, Sing (B. Goodman) 241

1. Strike Up The Band (T. Heath) 233
2. High and Mighty (H. James) 319
3. Let's Dance (B. Goodman) 236
4. Cherry (H. James) 158
5. The Mole (H. James) 159A
6. Ipanema (T. Heath) 156
7. Autumn Leaves (H. James) 155
8. I've Heard That Song Before (H. James - Female Vocalist) 161
9. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (H. James - Female Vocalist) 170
10. I Don't Want To Walk Without You (H. James - Female Vocalist) 371
11. Shiny Stockings (H. James) 154
12. You'll Never Know (H. James) 345
13. Taste of Honey (H. James) 240

1. San Francisco (Branzer) 315
2. I've Got My Love (Les Brown) 160
3. Love For Sale (Buddy Rich) 255
4. Lean Baby (B. May) 142
5. Shanty Town (Johnny Long) 243
6. Star Dreams (Charlie Spivak) 370
7. I'll Never Be The Same (Heath) 337
8. Watermelon Man (Sy Zentner) 533
9. Tuxedo Junction (H. James) 162
10. Opus One (T. Dorsey) 237
11. Begin The Beguine (A. Shaw) 152
12. Shadow Of Your Smile (H. James) 332
13. They Didn't Believe Me (B. May) 215
14. On The Sunny Side (T. Dorsey) 153
15. That Old Feeling (H. James) 350
16. Blues For Harry's Sake (James) 169

1. The Big Blowout (Mancini) 230
2. Little Things Mean A Lot (James) 330
3. Old Black Magic (B. May) 209
4. Strictly Instrumental (James) 162A
5. Getting Sentimental (T. Dorsey) 341
6. Melancholy Rhapsody (H. James) 355
7. Cherokee (Les Brown) 234
8. Soul and Inspiration (Severinsen) 352
9. Saints Go Marchin' In (Crosby) 235
10. Serenade In Blue (James) 349
11. Watch What Happens (James) 813
12. Flyin' Home (Heath) 242
13. Li'l Darlin' (Basie) 306
14. 2 O'Clock Jump (T. Heath) 151

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