Bar and wait staff are a welcome addition to any special event! Spend time with your guests instead of finding yourself stuck behind the bar all night by hiring our professional, well trained bar and wait staff! Search here for Bar & Wait Staff in Los Angeles CA.

  • Socal Bartender - thumbnail image

    Socal Bartender

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    With years of professional service, our world-class bar and wait staff will tailor their services to meet the specific needs of your event. Our professional bartenders will... - Read More

  • Total Success Staffing Services, Inc - thumbnail image

    Total Success Staffing Services, Inc

    Serving: Los Angeles, CA

    With over 15 years of professional entertainment, our professional bar and wait staff will customize their services to give you the top-quality service you need for your ch... - Read More

  • Runway Waiters - thumbnail image

    Runway Waiters

    Serving: Nationwide

    We make your event a one-of-a-kind experience with a bar and wait staff full of models. Your selection of men or women to enhance the luxury of your event or special affair. - Read More

  • The Party Staff, Inc - thumbnail image

    The Party Staff, Inc

    Serving: Los Angeles, Inland Empire CA

    Professional Bartending and waitering service with all the caterers and chefs needed to bring and party with food services to life! They have been in the business since 198... - Read More

  • 200 Proof - thumbnail image

    200 Proof

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Draw from the style and expertise of our beautiful bartenders and servers to ensure that your party excels. Boasting only highly trained, experienced, walking aesthetic ple... - Read More

  • Tender Bartenders - thumbnail image

    Tender Bartenders

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Our business supplies clients with event and party staff, which includes private Bartenders, Servers, Cocktail Waitresses, Casino Dealers and Casino Tables. We take a pers... - Read More

  • S&P Mixology - thumbnail image

    S&P Mixology

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    A husband and wife team with over 20 years in restaurant and bar experience for all events. - Read More

  • California Events - thumbnail image

    California Events

    Serving: all Southern California

    Outgoing, courteous, professional bartenders and servers are a staple of our service, and we'd love nothing more than to give you a seamlessly stress-free event.  - Read More

  • Paradise Bar & Beverage - thumbnail image

    Paradise Bar & Beverage

    Serving: Southern CA

    Our bartenders and wait staff will provide you with a stress free experience at your next special occasion. Freeing you of any beverage or drink concerns, we will provide y... - Read More

  • Culinary Staffing Service - thumbnail image

    Culinary Staffing Service

    Serving: Los Angeles, CA

    With over 10 years of professional service, our professional bar and wait staff customize their services to meet every need of your special occasion. Our world-class barten... - Read More

  • Daddy-Os Martinis - thumbnail image

    Daddy-Os Martinis

    Serving: Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside CA

    Bartenders & Vintage Cocktail Specialist In Los Angeles bring class to private parties and events all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties with extraordinary bartending ser... - Read More