A caricature artist will delight guests by quickly drawing their likeness! A caricature artist can also provide drawings and illustrations for books, comics, t-shirts and more! Search here for Caricature Artist in Monterey Bay Area.

  • About Faces Caricatures - thumbnail image

    About Faces Caricatures

    Serving: Nationwide

    Our sketch artists are our most popular entertainers for both adults and children. They are always requested by repeat clients. They are excellent for any corporate or priv... - Read More

  • Bill Friend Design - thumbnail image

    Bill Friend Design

    Serving: San Francisco CA

    Bill Friend Design offers caricatures for all your special events in and around the San Francisco Bay area. - Read More

  • Big Al Caricature - thumbnail image

    Big Al Caricature

    Serving: The Bay Area, San Francisco, CA

    If you are looking to capture the humorous essence of your guests at your next special occasion or event, a caricature artist such as myself can provide you with lasting en... - Read More

  • Pete McDonnell Caricatures - thumbnail image

    Pete McDonnell Caricatures

    Serving: San Francisco Bay Area

    As a caricature artist, I create custom characters that will brighten the mood of your party. We tailor the caricatures for your party's theme. - Read More

  • Nito Gomez Caricatures - thumbnail image

    Nito Gomez Caricatures

    Serving: San Francisco and San Luis Obispo CA

    California Caricatures offers a unique caricature drawings at birthday parties and corporate events in San Francisco! - Read More

  • Custom Caricature Awards & Gifts from Your Photo - thumbnail image

    Custom Caricature Awards & Gifts from Your Photo

    Serving: Nationwide

    CUSTOM CARICATURE AWARDS AND GIFTS - we create from your photos and information that you provide. Custom Framed Retirement Gifts, Anniversaries, Client Gifts, Boss Apprecia... - Read More

  • Captivating Caricatures by Rasa Vitalia - thumbnail image

    Captivating Caricatures by Rasa Vitalia

    Serving: San Francisco CA

    Creative & captivating, insightful & inspiring, fun & lively; providing exciting, unique & memorable entertainment. - Read More

  • Studio Caricatures by Chris Daily - thumbnail image

    Studio Caricatures by Chris Daily

    Serving: San Jose, CA

    Fast, professional caricature souvenirs for any corporate or private event at competitive rates! Caricatures by Chris will have your guests laughing all night, and remember... - Read More

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