Celebrity look-alikes and impersonators will be sure to have heads turning at your next party! Hire a look-alike that matches the theme of your party, you'll be sure to have guests rolling in the aisles with their brand of comedic timing and humor!! Search here for Celebrity LookAlikes & Impersonators in Pennsylvania.

  • Austin Powers ~ Richard Halpern - thumbnail image

    Austin Powers ~ Richard Halpern

    Serving: Nationwide

    A celebrity look-alike and impersonator providing a dead-on impression of the International Man Of Mystery for all your special events and parties. - Read More

  • Frank Sinatra ~ Tribute Artist, Sound Alike - thumbnail image

    Frank Sinatra ~ Tribute Artist, Sound Alike

    Serving: Philadelphia, New Jersey & Deleware

    FRANK SINATRA Impersonator RICH DE SIMONE has been bringing to life the music of 'The Chairman Of The Board' since 1995! - Read More

  • Austin Powers ~ Impersonator and Many More! - thumbnail image

    Austin Powers ~ Impersonator and Many More!

    Serving: Nationwide

    An expert at physical comedy and stunts, he has directed top stars on Broadway and internationally. - Read More

  • Elton John ~ Alverson Ent. - thumbnail image

    Elton John ~ Alverson Ent.

    Serving: Nationwide

    Five Star Rating: Lee is an Elton John Impersonator who plays live piano & sings his Elton John Tribute as a solo act or with a full scale band. Each show is tailored to fi... - Read More

  • Film Composer- Lee Alverson - thumbnail image

    Film Composer- Lee Alverson

    Serving: Nationwide

    Providing professional orginal compositions for film, television commercials and media projects. - Read More

  • Billy Joel ~ Alverson Ent. - thumbnail image

    Billy Joel ~ Alverson Ent.

    Serving: Nationwide

    Singer/Pianist Lee Alverson takes on the role of Billy Joel as he performs the Piano Man's greatest hits LIVE! - Read More

  • Howard Stern ~ Stewart Brodian - thumbnail image

    Howard Stern ~ Stewart Brodian

    Serving: Nationwide

    Stewart has a perfect resemblance of Howard Stern. He looks, talks and acts just like the real Stern. - Read More

  • Elvis Impersonator John Monforto


  • Frank Sinatra Impersonator


  • Tom Sadge


  • George Washington Portrayed by Dean Malissa


  • David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience