Pony rides are a fun and easy way to delight the youngsters! They are a safe and entertaining way to have the kids go out in nature! Search here for Pony Rides in Pennsylvania.

  • Mikes Party Ponies - thumbnail image

    Mikes Party Ponies

    Serving: The Greater Philadelphia, Bucks Area and New Jersey

    Offering pony rides for parties, we will make your experience a special one to remember.  Discover the various types of ponies we provide! - Read More

  • Pony Party People by Barclay Farm - thumbnail image

    Pony Party People by Barclay Farm

    Serving: Philadelphia PA

    Providing gentle ponies and friendly handlers for all occasions, we provide custom pony rides for you and your guests.  We will make your ride both memorable and exciting. - Read More

  • Happy Hoofers Pony Rides - thumbnail image

    Happy Hoofers Pony Rides

    Serving: Philadelphia PA

    Go all-out for that memorable day and give your little one a prancin' party with our precious ponies. - Read More

  • Trinity Carriage Services - thumbnail image

    Trinity Carriage Services

    Serving: Philadelphia PA

    We provide pony rides for all children occasions, from birthdays to bar mitzvahs. Are adorable ponies will leave every kid happy. - Read More

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