Reptiles, Pony Rides, Petting Zoos, Parrots, Puppies, Bunnies, Pocket Pets, Bugs & more! You can count on our vendors to bring exotic, kid-friendly animals to your event! Search here for Animals for Parties in San Fernando Valley.

  • All Animal Productions - thumbnail image

    All Animal Productions

    Serving: California

    As professional world-class animal experts, we bring a variety of amazing, exotic animals fit for your entertainment.  Our animal experts will entertain and educate you ab... - Read More

  • Zebra Entertainment and Events - thumbnail image

    Zebra Entertainment and Events

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    With over 30 years of professional entertainment, we customize our animal selections to match the needs of your particular party. Knowing that each person has a different i... - Read More

  • Pony Pals - thumbnail image

    Pony Pals

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    With a variety of animals to choose from, we customize our animal selections to fit your party's needs. We carefully select each animal to give you the perfect hands-on exp... - Read More

  • Animal Magic - thumbnail image

    Animal Magic

    Serving: Nationwide

    Award winning educational and entertaining exotic animal presentations. - Read More

  • Party Ponies and Pets - thumbnail image

    Party Ponies and Pets

    Serving: Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

    Choose Party Ponies and Pets to Make Your Special Day Wonderful! - Read More

  • Mini's-All-A-Cart - thumbnail image


    Serving: Southern California

    Offering miniature horse-drawn carriage rides for every occasion, we'll make your special celebration even more memorable with an exquisite ride around the neighborhood for... - Read More

  • Puppies and Reptiles For Parties - thumbnail image

    Puppies and Reptiles For Parties

    Serving: Los Angeles, Ventura, & Orange County CA

    We are a family owned and operated company based out of our home, offering puppy petting zoos and reptile presentations. Our goal is to entertain, and to educate while giv... - Read More

  • The Reptile Family - thumbnail image

    The Reptile Family

    Serving: Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa Barbara CA

    We bring to your home, school or business our exotic collection of 18-25 Reptiles, Amphibians and Arachnids, presented in a nurturing, hands on format. - Read More

  • Pegasus Ponies and Petting Zoo - thumbnail image

    Pegasus Ponies and Petting Zoo

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Offering animals for parties with everything from ponies to bunnies to goats and more! Kids these days rarely get to spend time on a farm or riding a pony. Now for a fracti... - Read More

  • Wildlife Wendy Tropical Birds - thumbnail image

    Wildlife Wendy Tropical Birds

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Seen in shows and movies, these vibrant, sociable, and tropical birds provide an up-close and personal encounter for adults and children to educate and enjoy.   - Read More

  • Montebello Barnyard Zoo - thumbnail image

    Montebello Barnyard Zoo

    Serving: Los Angeles and Orange County CA

    Having provided top quality animal party services for over 30 years, we offer the best opportunity for people to engage with animals.  We offer people the opportunity to b... - Read More