Fortune tellers bring their special blend of mystery and intrigue to any party! Whether you believe what they say or not, they certainly are entertaining! Search here for Fortune Tellers in Seattle.

  • The Oracle Psychic ~ The Best Psychic - thumbnail image

    The Oracle Psychic ~ The Best Psychic

    Serving: USA, Canada & UK

    I can provide detailed and insightful fortune telling for your events to give you an enlightening experience your guests will remember. - Read More

  • Colorful Events - thumbnail image

    Colorful Events

    Serving: Seattle WA

    Entertaining at your special event, the readings are upbeat, and empowering. Our readings are geared towards discovering the person who is beneath the skin, and uncovering ... - Read More

  • Market Magic & Novelty Shop - thumbnail image

    Market Magic & Novelty Shop

    Serving: Seattle, WA

    Make your next occasion a hit with the sparkling personality and divinatory talents of well-known psychic entertainer. - Read More

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  • Inner Self Institute


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