Bar and wait staff are a welcome addition to any special event! Spend time with your guests instead of finding yourself stuck behind the bar all night by hiring our professional, well trained bar and wait staff! Search here for Bar & Wait Staff in Texas.

  • The Party Staff, Inc - thumbnail image

    The Party Staff, Inc

    Serving: San Antonio TX

    The staff that serve your guests can be as important to a successful event as well-prepared food and stylish décor. Our mission is to provide an unmatched commitment to ex... - Read More

  • Dove Event Staffing - thumbnail image

    Dove Event Staffing

    Serving: Dallas TX

    Providing bar and wait staff, serving you as the perfect co-pilot for your event. - Read More

  • Service With Style-Wait Staff and Bartending - thumbnail image

    Service With Style-Wait Staff and Bartending

    Serving: Houston & Surrounding Areas

    We specialize in waitstaff, bartending and event planning.We are the best point of contact for anyone looking for waitstaff, bartending or event planning services. - Read More

  • Captains Only ~ Wait Staff & Bartenders - thumbnail image

    Captains Only ~ Wait Staff & Bartenders

    Serving: Houston TX

    Don't get up to grab another plate! Let our experienced servers do what they do best and deliver it in style, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day. - Read More

  • Domestic Affairs Bar & Wait Staff Service - thumbnail image

    Domestic Affairs Bar & Wait Staff Service

    Serving: Dallas TX

    Professional bar and wait staff services for all your special events. - Read More

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