• American Revolution party theme - thumbnail image

    American Revolution

    My sister, Glenda, and I threw a great party for grandpa, Joe on his eightieth birthday. It was such a success, I want to share it with you.My grandpa is a history buff. I think he know...

  • Ancient Rome party theme - thumbnail image

    Ancient Rome

    My friend Samantha was turning forty and wanted to throw a very creative party to celebrate. She wanted to have a theme that reflected her personality classic, yet a little decadent so s...

  • Arabian Nights party theme - thumbnail image

    Arabian Nights

    My boyfriend went to his brother's bachelor party and had such a great time, he told me all about it. A few weeks before the party a pretty girl in a belly dancer's costume came to his...

  • Arabian Nights Valentine party theme - thumbnail image

    Arabian Nights Valentine

    One of my good friends is a DJ at a club in a restaurant every Friday night and one year he invited me to come to a special celebration on Valentine's Day with a very romantic them—Ar...

  • Army Base party theme - thumbnail image

    Army Base

    My company has a picnic every year, for all of its employees. This year, the theme of the picnic was "You're in the Army Now." This year, the picnic was at the county fairgrounds. Olive...

  • Around the World party theme - thumbnail image

    Around the World

    My first year in college, I could not afford to go home for Thanksgiving. My roommate told me he was also going to be staying at the school for the holiday and he knew at least five othe...