Ideas for planning a great Birthday party

Are you trying to plan a Birthday party for your spouse, another family member or your parents? It has never been so easy to get ideas for making your party a success.

First, you need a theme for the party that will suit the age of the birthday person. By using the Party Themes section on PartyPOP you can find all the topics and themes available for birthday parties arranged by age. The ages are: 1 Year old birthday party themes & ideas, 2-4, 5-8, 9-12, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60-100+ old birthday party themes and ideas.

Second, after you get the theme for the birthday party you are planning, you need to arrange food. There are a few options here too: big/small event and indoor/outdoor event. For either type you can choose between making the food or asking guests to bring food, or hiring a catering company. The options catering companies have are endless. They offer indoor/outdoor catering and for small/large amounts of guests. Food can vary between warm food to cold buffets or even a complete sit down meal.
You need to choose.
How do you choose? Your goal is to take off the pressure. This means, for a large event get a catering company to bring everything to you, prepare the food, set up and clean up at the end of the event. Catering companies usually bring catering staff.
If it is going to be a smaller event and less official, just make a list of food everyone can bring with them and you take care of the birthday cake and beverages.

Entertainment, you need music or some sort of a comedy show. If it's a small event you can hire a magician to walk around the guests and perform little tricks to entertain and create a great feeling. For a big event and your guests are sitting down for a meal you can hire a table magician to perform that way. In any case your guests need to enjoy the show.
Entertainment can also contain a Comedian, Dancers, Celebrity Look-Alikes, Mind readers, Mentalists, Ventriloquists and more…

Music, taking care of music is very important. You basically have two options: a DJ or live music. Why a DJ? A mobile disco will come to you, wherever you are based. It takes a very short time to set up the equipment and take very little space. This option is great for small and big events.
Why Live Music? Lets define live music: a musician or more, a band which performs live at your event. If you have a small event you can hire a solo musician or a duo. They are great for receptions and smaller events, but also they can play at bigger events. A solo musician or a duo don't take as much room as a big band. A live party band can be a playing your favourite hits from all eras while a string quartet can play mellow music.

The bottom line is you need to choose 1. Party Theme, 2. Food & Drinks, 3. Entertainment type. That's all.

Good luck