Safety Tips for Honeymoons abroad

You are planning your honeymoon and even have a destination. While planning a vacation, especially your honeymoon, you must pay attention to a few things:

Where are you going in the world? Is it dangerous there? Are there any local holidays or memorial days during your visit to your destination? What attractions are available at your honeymoon destination? What type of accommodation to pick? Transportation from/to the airport Medical/property insurance Should you use a travel agent?

Where are you going in the world?
That is very important. Do you like tropical or cold climate? You need to choose your destination by the time of the year. In example going to Australia in January-March is great, because it's summer there while it's winter in the UK.

Is it dangerous there?
Are you travelling to a country which is in peace relations with your country? Do you need a vise to access the country your are planning to visit? You must find out things like this and make sure you and your new spouse are safe to arrive and to leave the desired country.

Are there any local holidays or memorial days during your visit to your destination?
If you like holidays or any kind of other human happiness, then you should visit your destination while during holidays. For example any country celebrating its independence day should have all the streets lit with great lighting setup (just like Paris in new year's). there are many countries which hold flowers festivals and you shouldn't miss these events.
Try to also find out for memorial dates, so you won't get disappointed when shops and other activities are closed for the day.

What attractions are available at your honeymoon destination?
Are you going to a honeymoon location with a beach? So do not miss the water activities available on site. If you are travelling to the Far-east, Thailand for example and you are travelling to the southern islands, do not miss the renown fruit-shakes and freshly cut fruit offered to you on the spot. At any honeymoon destination with a beach, you will usually find massage treatments offered to you on the beach and on your beach-bed.
Take advantage to see the place you are visiting. It may be a while before you come back there. Go sightseeing, enjoy the view and the weather. Take a tour guide for a day and see the place. Eat well and don't be afraid to eat outside your hotel or resort. The variety of local foods are awesome and usually safe to eat.

What type of accommodation to pick?
There are a few types of accommodation and some vary from country to country.
-A Hotel will always be a hotel. There is the location of the hotel you are looking for. Check what room you will be getting and make sure your window doesn't face a wall or a street if your hotel face the beach. Make sure to find out the ranking of the hotel, the best hotels for honeymoons are 4 and 5 star hotels (they will usually cost you a bit more).
-A resort can look totally different than another one. When you book a resort try to find out even more than you check out a hotel. Resorts are usually luxurious and a honeymoon package at a place like that will cost you, but will also treat you like King & Queen.
-A Guest house also changes from location to location. If you are travelling to India, the guest houses there vary from a single room with barely a bed, to the most luxurious guest houses on the planet. The situation is exactly the same when you go to Ireland, USA or Turkey. Just make sure to ask all the questions before paying for your vacation, rather than asking WHY while being disappointed.

Transportation from/to the airport
Make sure to find out as much as you can about traveling to and from the airport. You should try to find out about: fees, timetables, types of transportation and hours of service. You are better to arrange for the transportation to be included with your accommodation. This will save you time, money and worry.

Medical/property insurance
Not much to say about this issue, except for: Get medical insurance before leaving the UK. It will cost you very little and will save you a lot of money if something were to happen to either of you during on vacation. In example: Tsunami 2003 in South East Asia and Haiti Earthquake in January 2010. Same goes with your luggage. If you plan to carry expensive cameras, jewellery, mobile phones or anything else worth protecting, get them insured on your policy.

Should you use a travel agent?
The most important for last. Many say no, to save money on the handling rates but we say yes to agents. It's all about planning, and why not let a professional take care of your vacation. The honeymoon travel agents know all the destinations, they have connections almost everywhere in the world and can get you the best prices in a matter of minutes.

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