What are some fun and original bachelor/bachelorette party ideas?

There are plenty of great original bachelor and bachelorette party ideas. Some fun ideas for bachelor parties include: camping, playing sports, going kayaking, going to a sports game, playing poker, going zip lining, going hunting, going to a shooting range, going whiskey tasting, playing paintball, bungee jumping, skydiving, partying on a boat, white water rafting, going to a casino, going to a cigar lounge, having a nice steak dinner, and going fishing. Some fun ideas for girls include: going to a spa, going wine tasting, riding in a hot air balloon, singing karaoke, taking a pole dancing class, having a tea party, going to a beach or a resort, partying on a boat, coordinating outfits, taking a cooking class, going to a drag club, going to a concert/festival, having a slumber party, and throwing a themed party.