What are some fun crafts for a Valentine’s party for kids?

For kids, decorating Valentine’s and indulging in arts and crafts is half the fun of this romantic holiday. The list of craft ideas is endless, so we’ll share a few that we really like. One cute and easy idea we really enjoy is valentine band-aids. You just purchase some regular band-aids and decorate them with paint pens and markers. You can draw hearts and stars and write something like “I’m stuck on you” or “You make me feel better”. Another idea is to have your kids create cupid coupons or even a whole coupon book. Let them decorate coupons and choose what type of service they offer. For example one coupon can be for “1 free hug” and another could be “1 free funny story”. Other ideas include decorating valentine bookmarks and making Valentine’s Day bracelets with beads that spell out “I love you” or “Be mine”. If you want to create something that everyone in a classroom can contribute to, have each student decorate their own paper heart with whatever drawings or quotes they want. Then put the hearts together to create a giant wreath of hearts or connect them with string to create heart curtains. The adorable decorations will look great hanging in a classroom.