What are some guidelines we can set up to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone acts appropriately?

There are certain rules and regulations that should be adhered to if you want to ensure all your guests act appropriately and have a good time. First of all, there should be some type of dress code. Since it is a formal event and people want their photos to look nice, require that all the ladies wear formal dresses or skirts, and that boys wear button down shirts, slacks and nice shoes. No jeans, tennis shoes, or T-shirts allowed. Another very important rule you should make sure to reiterate to all guests is that no one is allowed to enter the prom under the influence of alcohol or any other substances. Aside from it being against the law and school rules, it is a huge liability for the school and someone could get hurt. Make sure there is security at the door, patting down guests and checking purses for illegal substances or weapons. Be sure to write out a written agreement with all the rules and regulations for prom that everyone must sign. This way no one will seem surprised when you check their pockets and everyone we’ll come prepared.