What food should I serve?

The food and drink you serve depends on the size of your event and how formal you choose to make it. If it’s a very small event then you may want to consider cooking yourself. If it’s a larger affair then hiring a caterer is probably your best option. If you want to have a casual event, you can serve your meal buffet style with foods like salads, grilled vegetables, chicken, potatoes, and pasta. You can also have a BBQ and serve burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken breasts, corn on the cob, and kabobs. If your affair is more formal then you may want to have a sit down dinner. Typically you’ll want each plate to have some vegetables/salad, meat or fish, and a carbohydrate like rice or potatoes. You may also choose to serve cultural foods such as Mexican, Italian or Greek food. It’s also a good idea to serve some type of cake or dessert.