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Hawaiian parties are typically held during the summer or Spring time when the weather is warm and the party can take place outdoors.

Event Types

Kids, Adult, Wedding, Corporate Event, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Dinner Party, Prom, Sweet 16, Reunion

Age Groups

All ages


Dance area, Seating and tables.


Garden lots of tropical plants and trails. Partial or medium lighting. Palm trees, tropical fruits, Coconut cups, raffia grass, bamboo and flowers.

Dress code

Dress: Men Luau shirts, Women luau fabric tight dress or hula skirt and bathing suit. Flower leis and in flowers in hair mumus.


Hawaiian, live or recorded. Use ukeles, drummers also perform numbers, dancers for Live Hula- Hula Lesson for guests. (can be comical)


Pig roasted in fire pit, poi, fresh mangos, pineapple, cocoanuts, served in palm leaves, Drinks: with rum and fruit juice.


Guest play a game: "Gilligan's Island" they have maps and divide up to find the clues on "how to get off the island" Take home 1/2 cocoanut with chocolate inside and pictures/ CD's of Party guests dancing.