Young Guns

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My cousin, Linda's, bachelorette party was so much fun.

Linda has had a huge crush on Emilio Estevez since the 9th grade. So Linda's friend, Joanie, decided on "Young Guns" for the party theme because Emilio and all the other hot men that starred in the film and "Young Guns" is Lindas her favorite Emilio movie.

The invitation was a blue screen masterpiece from print shop. On the cover was a picture of Linda standing with her arm around Emilio in his costume from "Young Guns". Inside were the party details of location, date and time. Below, it said: 'A "Young Guns" bachelorette party. Please dress as a cowgirl or cowboy and bring your pajamas!'

I rented a cowboy costume from a costume shop. It came with spurs and gun belt. With my hair up and my cowboy hat on I was a pretty convincing cowboy. I practiced my sneer and quick draw in front of the mirror.

When I arrived, everyone else was already there and getting excited. Linda, the bachelorette was dressed as a saloon girl. She looked fabulous in her red satin corset and skirt! Her hair was piled on top of her head and decorated by two ostrich feathers--one red and the other black.

We all sat in the living room and listened to a CD of famous western movie themes while gossiping about everyone's love life. Joanie served some terrific French wine and delicous hors d'eouvres.

There was a knock at the door a little while later. Joanie answered it and in walked an Emilio Estevez look-alike. "Happy Bachelorette Party!"Joanie said to Linda.

He was wearing the, "Billy the Kid" costume from the movie. He smiled and tipped his hat at Linda then each of the other girls. He looked identical to Emilio, but taller. He handed a CD to Joanie and she put it in the stereo.

The music started and he began to dance. He was so sexy!! He lavished most of his attention on Linda, of course. Eventually he was wearing only his bikini shorts, gun belt, and hat. He let Linda take off his hat and he let her dirty dance with him. Then he came over to me.

Oh, my God! He was so beautiful!! I gave him a ten dollar tip and he let me dance with him.

Joanie video recorded the entire show and I took photos, that is, when I wasn't dancing and drooling over him.

After he left, everyone put on pajamas. Joanie and Linda started a drinking contest, but no one kept count of how many glasses they drank because they were laughing too hard. Joanie turned on the T.V and we all watched both "Young Guns" movies until three in morning. It was so much fun. I felt like I was thirteen again. We drooled over all the actors. I liked Kieffer Sutherland the best. What a cutie!

Joanie sent me a copy of the video tape she had edited it and used a video toaster to make it look brown like an old film. Then, she laid music over the audio and added in her own dialogue with a chyron making it look like a silent film. It was amazing!!