Movie Star Look-Alikes

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My sister, Nancy, had her bachelorette party last weekend and it was terrific. Her best friend, Nora, did a great job arranged everything. It was amazing!

On the cover of the invitation was a collage of handsom, male movie stars. Inside was written the details of the party such as location, date and time. Below that was written, "Come to Nancy's star studded bachelorette party. Bring pajamas!" It sounded like so much fun! I could hardly wait.

When I arrived the other five of the other girls were already there, including Nancy. She seemed really excited though I never imagined her as the kind of girl who would like a bachelorette party. There was popcorn, mini-sandwiches, and sliced vegetables with creamy onion dip for snacks. There was also plenty of wine. A CD collection of famous movie themes was playing in the background.

The four movie star look-a-likes arrived in tuxedos-- Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves and a young Paul Newman. They looked exactly like the real actors it was amazing! They put on their music and started to dance for us. Their bodies all were toned and beautiful. They stripped down to sparkling, silver underwear. The girls cheered and stuffed bills in their underwear. I took taking pictures of us as we shed our lady-like behavior and acted on our animal impulses.
I particularly liked the Brad Pitt look-a-like. I waved a twenty dollar bill at him and he did a private dance for me. He was so sexy!

Nancy's favorite was the Tom Cruise look-a-like and since she was the guest of honor he did a special dirty dance for her. After that she got the full treatment from all four. She danced with all of them at once! She had such a great time.

After they left, we gossiped some more, watched "Mission Impossible" and drooled over Tom. Linda had the time of her life.

Nancy told me to burn the pictures of her dirty dancing with the Tom Cruise look-a-like so her fiancé Ralph would never see them. I had to show him I knew he would laugh, and he did. I know there must be pictues of his bachelor party, but he didn't say a word about them.